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What is VIP Tagging?

No time to tag? Let us prep your items for you! 

We prep your items and you earn 45% of your sold items.  VIP Consignor spaces are limited and will close when spaces fill—and they DO fill quickly! Sign up now.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

How Does VIP Consigning Work?

GOT MORE STUFF THAN TIME? VIP Tagging is a resource for busy parents that want to participate in Just Between Friends, but simply do not have the time to do so! Our VIP Taggers who will prep, price, tag and bring your items to the sale

What you'll earn:  45% of their total sales, minus a $20 consignor fee and $.20 per hanger if items need to be hung. The consignor fee covers the standard consignor fee and supplies & transport to the sale.

Process:  Prepare your items and meet up with a VIP tagging coordinator to drop off and also fill out your consignment waiver. Items will be tagged, stored and transported to the sale.

Pricing: Our taggers follow the JBF Pricing Guidelines and price most items at 33% of retail value. All items will automatically be reduced 50% off on Half Price Day. You can opt to donate or pickup unsold items.See consignor details for the pick up schedule.

Space is very limited and we take requests on a first come first served basis.




Looking to make some extra cash from home? We are looking for organized taggers to help tag the inventory of our VIP Consignors and bring the items to our Spring sale. 

VIP Tagging Coordinator SIGN UP FORM

Here are requirements:

  • You must consign once before becoming a VIP tagging coordinator to learn our system and how to price.
  • You will coordinate on our behalf with the VIP consignor to get their items
  • You will have them sign one of our VIP Consignor Waivers (and bring with their merchandise to drop off).
  • You will prep, tag and store their items until our next sale.


Are you a local business servicing moms, kids or families? Then JBF is for you!

If you're interested in being a vendor, please contact us to discuss the days and rates for a table. Contact Carolyn at carolynbarragan@jbfsale.com



This territory is currently for sale. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact our Franchise Recruiter.

Lori Lalli




We get it. Raising a child can be really expensive. After shopping other JBF sales and seeing the amazing deals, we knew we HAD to bring this sale to CT. So, here we are, ready to serve our local community with ways to make and save money! 

We're here to help you with all things JBF!

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